Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fun trip to Austin

A few weeks back we made a trip to see the Gs in Austin. Like every visit we have with them, always a good time!

The first night we were there we got a sitter and the adults went to SXSW. We had an awesome dinner followed by a great concert and a great night.

Taking a selfie while I rested my feet. It had been a while since I wore my heels 😉

All the ladies with a classic photo bomb by one of the guys.

Not sure why we were showing our shoes but still a cute pic.

M & T were inseparable and had sooo much fun together. These two are a lot alike and super cute together.

Who doesn't love to play dress up?

Many outfit changes and lots of matching ones too!

I had a video of Case teaching all the girls his pep rally dance to HS musical but can't find it 😞

Thanks again to our great friends for such a fun visit.

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