Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fun trip to Austin

A few weeks back we made a trip to see the Gs in Austin. Like every visit we have with them, always a good time!

The first night we were there we got a sitter and the adults went to SXSW. We had an awesome dinner followed by a great concert and a great night.

Taking a selfie while I rested my feet. It had been a while since I wore my heels 😉

All the ladies with a classic photo bomb by one of the guys.

Not sure why we were showing our shoes but still a cute pic.

M & T were inseparable and had sooo much fun together. These two are a lot alike and super cute together.

Who doesn't love to play dress up?

Many outfit changes and lots of matching ones too!

I had a video of Case teaching all the girls his pep rally dance to HS musical but can't find it 😞

Thanks again to our great friends for such a fun visit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

November + December + February = 9, 7 and 4!!

Back in November, Morgan turned 7.  My parents took her for her first ever trip to the American Girl store.  It was a surprise and she was so excited they said when she was there.  I think it was a bit overwhelming however trying to decide what to get.

After the store they hit up IHOP!

I made her a cake and we celebrated at home as a family.

Make a wish Morgan!

Family crest day at her school with all of her favorites.  
At her 7 year check up, Morgan weighed 61.6 lbs(85%) and was 52 1/4 inches(96%) tall.

In December, Mallory turned 9.  She got her first ever American girl doll, Kit.  

She also got some super cute clothes as she is loving fashion these days.

I made her a cake and we celebrated at home as a family.

Her turn to make a wish!!
At her 9 year check up Mallory weighed 74.6 lbs(77%) and was 56" tall(92%). She is also wearing a women's size 6 shoe?!?!  OMG where did my baby go?

Last but definitely not least was Case's birthday. In February Case turned 4.  He requested a heart shaped cake.  Ironically the week before he made that request I had just seen how to make one on a foodie blog.

We celebrated at a local restaurant with our parents.

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Case's best friend/girlfriend is Abby so her mom and I decided to do a joint birthday party because their birthdays are around the same time.

We had tons of fun at good ol' pump it up!

At Case's 4 year check up he weighed 37 lbs(58%) and was 41 3/4 inches tall(79%).

Happy Birthday to all my pumpkins!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is not in the air but Sports are!

We have entered the world of sports for our kids.  For the first time all three are in something and our weeks are full of practice, games and tournaments.  Mallory is playing volleyball and I am helping coach her team.

Mal and one of her teammates

Our first tourney together!

Serve 11 Orange being silly

Morgan decided to play softball this year and is absolutely loving it!

She's a natural.  She is doing really good considering she is one of the youngest on her team and most have played for three years already. Her team is the Lunachicks!

Love this pic below...hard to find Mallory without a book in her hand!

Last but not least, Case is playing soccer.  All of his buddies from school are on the team so he is having fun.  He is not interested in the game really but does not cry and doesn't ask to come out so we will take it!

Go Team Rockets!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Volleyball State Tournament 2013

As many of you know my volleyball team this year won the Texas 5A State Championship, WHOOP!  To top that(as if you could) we didn't lose a match all season. 45-0 was our final record and we were crowned the #1 team in the country by Max Preps.  I have so many fun things to post from this season and it will probably be a three-parter but to start I chose one of the best weekends of my life....the State Tournament! 

Leading up to the tournament our awesome parents would give the girls treats after the practice before each playoff match.  Each match also represented a letter from the word STATE.  So each time we won, another letter was put up. They were so creative and made it so special for the team.

Our official ticket to the tournament

State Pasta Party- Love that my own kiddos are in the pic!

The parents decorated our bus before we left for Garland

I hope these videos came out because our principal Mr. Colschen is so amazing.  He organized a school send off in which the drum line and cheerleaders led our girls throughout the entire school(3 floors!) on our way out to leave for Garland.  All of the teachers brought their classes in the hall to cheer on the team.  Even as I write this I am emotional because it truly was something I will always remember.  It was hard to keep back the tears!

Great kids come from great parents!

Softball cheering on volleyball and of course the Chic Fil A cows!

When we went to State in 2010 someone had given me the idea of having teachers, family, friends, alumni etc write letters to the girls wishing them luck.  On our way to Garland(after a stop at Bucees of course) we surprised them with their folders.  I love seeing their reactions as they read their letters.  Another memorable moment!

Olive Garden team meal

My sister Becca was so sweet to send the team good luck balloons

We were able to get a pregame practice in before our semi-final match at a local high school.  My BFFs Megan and Karen....we didn't even plan the outfits FYI.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this team

Have to have the silly pose

We played at The Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX.  The venue was very nice.  I wish I had more pictures on here from the rest of the weekend but all I have is the celebration which will suffice!  We beat Clear Falls in the semi-final match and then Churchill in the finals.

Sooooo proud of these young women.

Winning it all was amazing.  Winning it all with people you love- priceless.

2013 State Champions

I could not believe how many people came to support our team.  I was so blessed to have my BFF and college roomie Jennie(top left) along with her daughter Ridglea, our good friends the Vick sisters(played against Erin in college and her and Sarah run our team camp) then my sweet Jill(BFF since 7th grade). It was awesome getting to share this with them.

Karen is my assistant and the yin to my yang!  We compliment each other so well and I could not think of someone I would rather share this season with.

Bus ride home.....VICTORIOUS

My senior Kell who I have coached for four years.  Will miss her tons

Front page of the paper

Sign at the front of school

This was one of my favorite pictures.  Words can not describe what this season was like.  After we won I felt relief.  Mostly because everyone was counting on us to win.  Now that it is over I feel pride.  I am proud of the type of players we have in our program and the way in which they carry themselves.  I am so thankful to have been a part of something so special.